Legacy Academy

Participate in the Legacy Summer Program! Kindergarten through 5th-grade scholars will join us in activities and projects centered around science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. All activities will occur on campus in the Legacy classrooms. 

About Legacy

Encounter Atlanta's Legacy Academy aims to provide a Biblical foundation for children ages 1 to grade five by teaching Christian principles such as love, forgiveness, giving, and prayer. 95% of our Legacy Academy staff are certified educators and have countless degrees, certifications, and endorsements.

Provide Biblical Foundation

We strive to provide our scholars with biblical foundation they need to succeed in every area of their lives.

Discover & Develop Gifts

We strive to help our scholars identify their gifts and work to build their confidence.


Build Future Leaders

We strive to ensure our scholars are future leaders in education, politics, sports, entertainment, and more.

Lesson of the Month
Lesson of the Month

This month our Legacy Academy students are learning about faith in God.

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